About Us

PICO believes that people should have a say in the decisions that shape their lives. We trust democracy - the original principle of the American Revolution that organized and vigilant citizens are the best defense against special interests.

PICO believes that ordinary people know best what their families and communities need and that their voices need to be at the center of political life. One of our basic principles is "never do for others what they can do for themselves." Ordinary people, given the proper training, motivation and support can take extraordinary steps to improve the quality of life for their communities.

PICO believes that when people have power they can protect the things that are important to their families and their communities, and that one way to have power is to build strong, broad-based, democratic organizations.

PICO believes that strong democratic organizations are rooted in the needs and resources of local communities.

PICO believes that government can play a vital role in improving society, but that civic leaders and organizations need to have the power to shape policy and hold public officials accountable.

PICO believes that family is a value that motivates participation in public life and that across economic levels most American families share common concerns for good schools, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, high quality health care, civil rights and civic participation.

PICO values the racial, ethnic, religious and regional diversity that has shaped American society.

PICO believes that religion brings us together rather than divides America; that our varied faith traditions call on us to act to make our communities and our nation better places to live.

PICO believes that the immigrant experience is a universal American story, that as we build strong communities and a strong nation, we need to insure that new Americans are welcomed and not exploited.